Welcome to This Is Hope, home for my book and blogs intended to inspire an objective understanding of what will work to rescue Earth and ourselves. Every decision we make, and each behavior we express creates our relationships with all else. Human ecology includes those relationships between us and other people, other species, and our shared ecosystems. This is the most complete big-picture arena for understanding how our power to cause destruction is also the source to stop it.

We either continue to live inappropriately, cruelly, and unsustainably, or we transform our behaviors and, by that, create a revolutionary, intentional new human ecology to stop our ecocidal insanity and begin the healing. Earth defines what we must do; we do not get to pick and choose only what we feel like doing.

The “Summary” page describes Seven Results we must achieve through our behaviors. Read Green Vegans/The New Human Ecology to go deeper. My blogs are below. Thank you, Will

Are Vegans Vegetarians? Conclusion

We lost the struggle for the original definition of “vegetarianism” and “vegetarian” in 1847, 168 years ago. That’s when dairy- and egg-consumption became acceptable to the Vegetarian Society. Donald Watson and his peers were right in 1944 to in effect regain the...

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Are Vegans Vegetarians? Part 4

Food producers are harming veganism because of the way they label their products “vegetarian” and in many instances mix that word with “meat free, dairy free, veggie, and 100% vegetarian.” They should not be using these terms interchangeably with, or instead of,...

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Are Vegans Vegetarians? Part 3

Before I describe how international and U.S. organizations inappropriately reference veganism as vegetarianism, please remember my purpose for writing “Are Vegans Vegetarians?” We need to understand that defining veganism as a type of vegetarianism—and using those...

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Are Vegans Vegetarians? Part 2

In Part 1, I noted that the conversation of what vegetarianism is and is not has been ongoing as a contemporary issue since the early 1800s. In Part 2, I review highlights of the historical context when vegetarianism lost its vegan meaning and the circumstances...

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Are Vegans Vegetarians?

And by extension, “Is Vegetarianism Relevant Today?” Part1: The content of this multi-part blog is based on one of my presentations at the 2015 NAVS Summerfest last week.   The debate over the meaning of vegetarianism is not new. People have deliberated whether...

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Vegan Environmentalist Campaigns

I am cross-posting this update from Green Vegans since I believe it will be of interest to you. To receive regular update on Green Vegans the organization, simply subscribe here.  From Green Vegans: Vegan Environmentalist Identity Campaign While the world too slowly...

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Karen Davis on HSUS and Disappearing Hens

In earlier posts, I've criticized HSUS and other organizations for their subversion of the species rights movement. They support slaughter and consumption of meat. Some question the wisdom and the necessity of bringing our differences up for debate publicly....

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