Will Anderson conducted campaigns on behalf of ecosystems and species rights for organizations over a span of three decades. Will was a survival instructor in the Air Force, recorded and published humpback whale songs, and co-founded the Maine Animal Coalition and Greenpeace Alaska. These experiences and his witnessing Earth’s cultural diversity, often in remote areas of the world, compelled him to research and write This Is Hope. He began Green Vegans, a nonprofit organization, in 2009. To participate in the new human ecology, visit the Green Vegans website.

Captain Paul Watson | Founder – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Co-Founder of the Greenpeace Foundation
“I had the very great pleasure of working with Will Anderson in 1998 when we both stood in opposition to the resurrection of whaling in Washington State by the Makah Tribe. I was impressed by his passion, his compassion and his courage. We share the same view that we must make significant changes in our approach to our relationship with non-human species and we both agree that the world must move towards veganism as a means of restoring harmony between human kind and the natural world for only by living in accordance with the principles of ecological laws and realities will humanity have a future at all.”