Edits to Paperback Version

Dear Reader,
If your paperback version of This Is Hope has, on the copyright page that follows the title page, this email address — will@thisishope.com — please refer to the following edits for your book. Anyone quoting from the text should refer to this list of edits before citing passages. If my email address shows as will@thisishopethebook.com, these edits have already been applied. Thank you.

1) Copyright page / add “Cover Design: Jo Coring”. Change, contact email will@thisishopethebook.com
2) P. xxvii / New = “unlikely we will be able to live with and adapt to the tattered ecosystems we are creating.” (make ecosystem plural-a one letter change)
3) P. 3 / New = “nuclear” replaces “atomic” as in “fossil fuel and nuclear energy”.
4) P. 14 / New = “…million (ppm) for 10 thousand years” by adding “years”.
5) P. 15 / Needs a space after “85” for “85 percent”.
6) P. 31 / Should be “current human ecology.”
7) P. 32 / In “…dominance and unparalleled exploitation gets its validation.” Replace “unparalleded” with “unrelenting”. (“unparalleled” is also misspelled)
8) P. 38 / New: “The cows likely are in the semi-truck trailer because they are no longer productive enough to pay with milk for their right to live.”
9) P. 88 / The first “particularly” from “On a particularly hot day, the temperature…” will be deleted.
10) P. 96 / Change “the” to “Their” in “The value and rights are….”
11) P. 100 / From the bullet points remove “Headache, Feels gas pains, Seeing, Hearing, Smelling.”
12) P. 187 / In “Those who are already vegan environmentalists….” delete the first use of “already.”
13) P. 212 / Insert “Without meaning to” at “An article in the same issue of Species…. [Insert HERE] it highlights the extremes that are considered under interpretations of sustainable use.”
14) P. 213 / In “From egg to just under sub-adult, some 60 thousand alligators of this age class are not present in their food webs and ecosystem relationships.” Change “60 thousand” to “350 thousand.”
15) P. 215 / “In a vegan human ecology, [insert “Most of…”] 98 percent of the land, energy …”
16) P. 222 / insert with em dash “—but not within our overly anthropocentric current human ecology” after “if regulatory controls ensure there is a net public good.”
17) P. 222 / Insert “a “at “…a fair share that we would ask for ourselves, we create the crime Hardin…”
18) P. 227 / Old = This loss is 13–40 times faster….” New = This loss is, in their estimation, “The greatest threat to providing food for a rapidly growing human population.”
19) P. 237 / insert “may” at “Those wildlife professionals most successful in their field “may” advance….”
20) P. 256 / DELETE “back Hawaiian” from: At a single Texas operation I picked at random….”
21) P. 273 / Please insert “is” into: “Hunters remove genetic….. This is a recognized issue.”
22) P. 275 / Replace the last use of the word “water” with “reserves” in: “…ancient aquifer water.)
23) P. 323 / In “In this chapter, we look at how aggressive green washing, blue washing, humane washing, and religion washing…that leads to human poverty.” “poverty” should be “prosperity.”
24) P. 350 / Under sub-chapter The Seven Results Revisited, the first line is incorrectly noted as 1) but is instead an introductory sentence. No number there. The next sentence below [incorrectly numbered 2)], should be 33). The next six should be numbered in their order. Note that the last sentence “Appropriate, sustainable, and equitable consumption….” Has no number yet and should be 7. END

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