Table of Contents

Part I: The Past Has No Future
Chapter 1: Current and New Human Ecologies
Two Human Ecologies
Mega, Presence, and Economic Predation
Disrespect for a Whale
Pushing on Human Ecology
The Obstacle to Our Survival
Homo sapiens Express
Avoiding Past Behavior and Future Tragedy
Chapter 2: The Seven Results
The Synergy Factor
Limiting Factors: Do as I Say, or the Tree Dies
Chapter 3: Our Worldviews, the Problems they create, and
a Profile of Where They Have Taken Us
Killer Views
Global Norms as Blindness
Dairy Me Not
Taking Responsibility
Chapter 4: The Bullet Points at Our Hearts
Other Species: Wild
Other Species: Animal Agriculture
Chapter 5: Perspective/Views of the View
A Vital Perspective
From Fertilizer to Poverty
The Most Important Dilemma: Problems with Flawed Choices
Give Us Our Daily Food Web
Cross Pollination
Dismissing Philosophers
Pollanist Destiny
The Omnivore’s’ Disappointment
Chickens and Eggs
More or Less Different? Our Sense of Other
My Youth
Chapter 6: Beyond Anthropomorphism
Early Imprinting
Flowing Empathy
Paying Attention and Knowing Empathy
At the Intersection of Our Empathy and the World
Plastic Out/Plastic In
Crossing Dexter Avenue
Killing Whales
Part II: We are Neo-Predators
Chapter 7: Meet Mega Predator
Mega Predator + Presence Predator + Economic Predator
Carnist Vampires
Killing Elephants
Killing Lions
Eating Elephants: Trophies and Ivory Accessories
The Trophy Business
The Fishers
Scraping for a Living
The “Next One Hundred Years”
Sinking Sharks
No Middle Ground
Chapter 8: Meet Presence Predator
Soundscape Ecology
Our Presence in the Congo Basin
Turn Down the Volume
Alien Invasion
The Presence of Cars, Roads, and Barriers
What Road Barriers Do
Going Over and Under
Presence Predation at Fur Rendezvous
Chapter 9: Meet Economic Predator
Economic Predation
Eating Salmon Like an Economic Neo-Predator
The Great Human Divorce: Separating Ourselves from
Cause and Effect
Part III: Destinations
Chapter 10: The Incomplete Environmentalist
Sounding the Depths
Incomplete Environmentalists and Other Advocates
NGOs Giving Comfort
Crawling, Not Walking
Species and Ecosystem Rights, and Species versus Individuals
Mixed Experiences
Deep Ecology
Suffering Ecosystems
An Inconsistent Relationship with Earth
What Revolution? Still Grazing the Prairies and Forests
The Bison Realm
How Many?
Paddling Up the River of Denial
Chapter 11: Vegan Human Ecology/The New Ecosystem Niche for Humans
Pay Up or Die
Would You Like Shoes or a Handbag with That Ecosystem?
Our Place or Theirs?
Human Halitosis
Invest in Vegan Futures
Stealing Food from Wildlife
Chapter 12: Transnational Private Property: The New Commons
Multidimensional Tragedy
Private Parts, Public Domain
The Growing Global Village
This Land Is Our Land —and Theirs
Inverting Eminent Domain
Ecosystem Dominion Is Our Goal
Part IV: The Human Ecology Of Managing Ecosystems
Chapter 13: Recognizing the Corruption
Asking and Offering
Departments of Ecosystems, Flora, and Fauna
Minority Control and Oppression
Ecosystem and Wildlife Management Schemes
Seattle Was
Chapter 14: Limits to Human Agency Abilities
The Five Insufficiencies
The First Insufficiency: Sufficient Knowledge
The Second Insufficiency: Political Will and Social Consensus
The Third Insufficiency: Economic Systems That Protect
and Heal Ecosystems
The Fourth Insufficiency: An Appropriate Human Ecology
The Fifth Insufficiency: Access to Sufficient Resources
and Human Effort
What Wildlife Management Allows: The Canned Hunt
Exotic Texas
Exotic Africa
New Human Ecology and Wildlife Management
Chapter 15: Establishing Relationships
Killing Wolves
The Alaskan Aerial Wolf Killers
Move Over, Alaska
More on Species vs. Individuals
Individuals Are Important
Agencies, Animal Rights, and Vegans
More on Un-Natural Selection
Chapter 16: Wildly Out of Control
From Tank to Hunting
Relationships and Bowhunters Afield
Agency Responses
Hunter ’s Want a Medal of Honor
More Agency Culture
Briefly— Selected Highlights
Spare Change
Part V: Impediments
Chapter 17: Cultural Objections
Facing Ecosystem Collapse
Global Cultural Responsibilities
More on Poverty
Cultural Approaches to Implementing the New Human Ecology
Being Anthropocentric about Other Cultures
 Chapter 18: Washing Away the Answers: Green, Blue, Humane, and Religion Washing
Can’t Get the Dirt Out
Green Washing
Humane Washing
Blue Washing
Religion Washing
Happy Death, Happy Meat
Nothing Sweet on the Other Side of the Fence
Happy Media
The Hole of It
Part VI: Hope
Chapter 19: This Is the Hope
The New Human Ecology: Seven Results and How You Can
Achieve Them
The Seven Results Revisited
Population: The Ethics of Carrying Capacity for Humans
The New Human Ecology: What It Will Do
Chapter 20: You Are the Hope
Never Allow Carnists to Define or Control Our Human Ecology
Recommended NGOs and Links
End Notes