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During this holiday season, we reflect on possibilities, about how humanity can be both compassionate and sustainable. More than that, we want to be part of the solution. In This Is Hope: Green Vegans and the New Human Ecology / How we find our way to a humane and environmentally sane future, I describe the issues and the solutions. Veganism solves only part of a larger structural problem concerning human behavior and the institutions of violence it creates. It alone will not produce the world and life you want. The success of veganism rests upon a reformed worldview shaped by our need to create an intentional, biocentric human ecology. I urge you to purchase my book today; find out what the environmentalists are not telling you, what fish and wildlife management agencies are not telling you, and why Michael Pollan is wrong about veganism and ecosystems. Find out why there IS hope.

For yourself and as a gift, if you purchase Hope via the Green Vegans website Amazon link, an auto-donation will be made. It is available also online worldwide and at bookstores in several countries.

This Is Hope is a crossover book for self-identified environmentalists, species rights advocates, vegans and vegetarians, those dedicated to true sustainability, fish and wildlife “management” professionals, students of deep ecology, and those who want to know the biocentric solutions for our dietary, consumer, and reproductive choices.

This is Hope compares the outcomes of two human ecologies; one is tragic, the other is full of promise. “Our human ecology is the expression of everything we do and is represented by every interaction we have on earth…it consists of the multitude of relationships we have with other people, other species, and our physical environment’. I describe our current human ecology in depth to illustrate how we are living inappropriately, cruelly, and unsustainably. This is obsolete and has been for a long time; it is the cause of our overpopulation, our overconsumption of resources, the poverty of ecosystems and people, and our disregard for the rights of individuals from other species. This is Hope proposes a new human ecology to replace it.”

Author Bio
Will is an environmentalist and species rights professional who for over 30 years has conducted campaigns while employed for regional and national organizations. He recently founded Green Vegans (www.greenvegans.org). He lives in Seattle, WA.

Finally! A MUST READ for anyone seeking a practical planetary path from the current trajectory of death and desperation to one that truly engages and embraces hope for all species. This book provides a pioneering path for those who truly want to be the change we want – and need – to see in this world. As we collectively experience this never-before era of one species empowered to make it or break it for all, we now have HOPE to survive together. As a scientist in wildlife management and conservation, I can attest to tragically ridiculous and archaic methods that continue to be used to (mis)manage wildlife and plant species for human ignorance and greed rather than for the planet and successive generations. This Is Hope incorporates the best and the brightest of science while allowing for the potential of humanity.
Toni Frohoff, Ph.D. (Author, Dolphin Mysteries and Between Species)

John Hunt Publishing/ Earth Books Paperback
ISBN 978-1-78099-890-9
$22.95 | £12.99
6×9 inches | 230×152 mm

For endorsements, background, and table of contents, go to www.thisishopethebook.com.

Distributed to the trade by National Book Network in US; by Orca Marston in UK / Publisher contact: catherine@jhpbooks.net / earth-books.net


Will Anderson / www.ThisIsHopeTheBook.com (Blog and book page) / www.greenvegans.org

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