Please remember “This Is Hope: GreenVegans and the New Human Ecology

Hi everyone,

If you’ve finished reading my book, This Is Hope: Green Vegans and the New Human Ecology / How we find our way to a humane and environmentally sane future, PLEASE post reviews now on Barnes & Noble (, Amazon ( , GoodReads, and elsewhere. Reader reviews carry more weight with people considering a purchase than the editorial endorsements.

And if you’ve been putting off buying my book, please keep the momentum going by making your purchase this weekend. Use the Amazon link found on the GreenVegans ( website to order so that an automatic donation will be made. Also, search for the Facebook pages: and This Is Hope: Like them both and post comments.

I am getting great responses to four versions of my four PowerPoint conference presentation regarding Hope and books sell well afterwards. Leaders in the movement give it praise, but until I speak at more events, I need you to spread the word. Portland, Oregon is a mystery as I’ve received no responses from my several inquiries over four months time to vegan stores of the species rights community there. So, without demand from them, Powell’s Books won’t open up for me to present. If you’ve friends in Portland, please give them a nudge. Your support is really appreciated and will move the agenda forward in ways not yet obvious to non-readers.

In peace and healing the Earth, Will
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